Services Rates and Specials

Rates, Project Pricing, and Packages

Please note that market analysis, ad campaigns and strategis, personal training and seminars are again available.


Standard Rates
for web (includes custom cgi, php, and mysql programming), print, graphic design, logo development

  • Business/Organization: $90 / hour
  • Poorly Funded Organizations: $80 / hour


TV, Video, and Music Production Rates

  • Business/Organization: $120 / hour
  • Poorly Funded Organizations: $90 / hour


Personal Training and Seminars 

  • Training: $100 / hour + $10/hour per person / hour  
  • Seminars, $160 / hour

Web "Starter" Package

A full featured content managed web site for $2800.00 complete with training and custom logo design. Ask about details.


Web Maintenance and Retainer Packages
We offer monthly maintenance and retainer packages.

Maintenance package "A" -- Internal Sites

If we designed your site, last year or 10 years ago, you qualify for our discount site mantenance "A" package.

$80 / hour for content writing and add-on module development.
Same honest service with ethical billing*.


Maintenance package "B" -- External Sites

If you already have a existing CMS (content management sites based on Joomla, Wordpress, and the like), blog, or Dreamweaver based web site that someone else designed, we can ease the chore or keeping your site a "living place".

$85 / hour for content writing and add-on module development.

Same honest service with ethical billing*.


Monthly Web Work Retainer

Since there are only so many hours in a day, you can secure our personalized services in a development window in monthly blocks of time. The time is reserved just for you and your needs to help you achieve. Discounts may be available for Poorly Funded Organizations.

4 Hour Block: $300  (that's $75.00/hr)
8 hour Block: $560  (that's $70.00/hr)


We reserve the right to accept only that work we deem in keeping with our mission.


*Ethical Billing Statement

Since we are not machines but craftsmen, we bill only 100% of our rate when we are 100% at our best.

In addition, we refund the difference on over billed quotes if a project took less time than expected.

With Prayer

Each project is carefully discerned and implemented through prayer, sacrifices, and the sacraments. 

What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light; what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops,” (Mt 10:27).

Our Clients

Knights of the Holy Eucharist
St. Catharines Diocese -- Niagara
Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration (Alabama)
The Caring Foundation (Vitae Society)

Oregon Right To Life Educational Foundation
StandUPGirl Foundation
Envoy Magazine - Patrick Madrid
The Centre for Cultural Renewal
Mother of All Peoples - Dr. Mark  Miravalle
Michael O'Brien
Diocese of Hamilton
Diocese of Pembroke
Archdiocese of Toronto
Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Canada
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy
Wayside Academy
World Youth Day 2002
Adventus Software
Lifesite News
Catholic Insight Magazine
Catholic Educator's Resource Centre
Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate


I am full of gratitude and awe to see the work you have done.

Veronica Moloney