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www--olamnuns com vocations html

A direct connection to the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration in Hanceville, Alabama. Join in the Joy!

Contemplative and classic minimalist approach designed withing the Giotto 'pallete' of St. Clare this site features social media integration, rich media deployment, connecting the history of the PCPA to their life today in adoration and thanksgiving of the Lord. Insights from Mother Angelica and updates on her current condition in humble suplication to God's will. 

2013 to present | |  Responsive CMS with social media integration, blogs, galleries, and more.

Marian Residence

www-marianresidence com

A Catholic retirement residence operated by the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate (SOLI). Community driven content to authentically capture the caritas of life and joy in this unique retirement residence. 

2013 | | Joomla CMS with rich multimedia, owner-managed features, training, and "responsive" design for viewing by all devices.

Knights of the Holy Eucharist

www knightsoftheholyeucharist com

An extension of the Knights of the Holy Eucharist, a community of Franciscan men founded by Mother Angelica.

Streamlined content in sync with social media channels, community area and Knights' Blog. Ongoing development of this 'living community', promotion, and vocation outreach.

2013 to present | | Joomla CMS with dynamic scaling of design and content for portable devices.

Wayside Academy


A foundational web site that allows for modular expansion of Wayside Academy's prestigious educational method. With social tools for teachers, students, and parents the web site enlarges this Peterborough's school physical campus into a larger living newtwork without loosing the personal spirit that sets this school apart.

The server-side LAMP system upon which this CMS is based ensures easy of use, security, and future-proof upgradablility.

Special attention was given to the visual presentation which best captures the family environment of Wayside Academy and conveys it to all visitors.

Training provided an intuitive WYSIWYG online article editor with built-in "photoshop" features to easily upload, resize, crop, and adjust images and placement without need for expensive external programs such as Adobe Photoshop. With video embedding and social connects to facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, the project hooks into these satellite worlds and draws them in.

Completed February, 2012 | | self managed CMS with auto multimedia feeds, social network and membership for students and staff, flip book publishing of brochures, intuitive gallery, and connects with Chamilo -- Learning Management System.

St. Catharines Diocese


A cutting edge design using the theme of bridges to capture the spiritual environment of the rich natural beauty of this Niagara diocese. This was an all encompassing work. Lay down the foundation to streamline administrative tasks while creating a "living place" that prompt youth participation, challenging vocations, and giving all people of the diocese

Special attention was paid to giving grass roots inclusion of parishes, pastors, deacons, and religious access to the content managed system so that their work could be brodcast and multiplexed to a wide audience in a timely fashion. Automation of content and simplificaton of interaction was the key to make this tool effective as a virtual cathedral that makes the image and voice of Christ seen and heard to all those who enter.

Completed December, 2011 | | self managed CMS with auto multimedia feeds, RSS content syndication pulls to rich content, social network, flip book publishing of diocesan paper, marketing campaign with 60 second TV commercial broadcast on Salt+Light TV, and much more...

Dr. Peter Moloney


Contacted by the family trust of Dr. Peter Moloney the objective was to create a tribute to this Canadian medical pioneer and man of faith, who perfected a variety of anti-toxins including insulin for banting and Best at Toronto`s famed Connaught Laboratories. We were able to create a visually rich memorial depicting the religious values that fueled Dr. Peter Moloney`s scientific achievements and made him a stabilizing force in the often heated scientific community racing to find anti-toxins after World War I.

Completed May 3, 2011 | | self maintained CMS with multimedia features.

"Scandal" Music Video


The Critical Mass song, Scandal, is filled with poetic imagery of innocence, suffering, loss, redemption, and divine mercy. We infused to that a visual layer that also hints at the loss of two wonderful students of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy in Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada who drowned when the van they were in fell through the ice of Kamaniskeg Lake in February 2008.

Completed in April 2011 | concept, production, direction, and post production



Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Canada

A micro-site!

With a very limited budget to work with I was able to implement a content management system, tweak the server for quick article delivery, create logical pathways of information, a donation function,and design a fresh logo and theme that captured the FCS's mission.

The objective was to make the often small print of Catholic scholars large, clear, and bold. The design was simple and academic with a sprinkle of eye candy.

Completed in November 2010 | CATHOLICSCHOLARSCANADA.COM |CMS and logo design with drop-in social multimedia

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With Prayer

Each project is carefully discerned and implemented through prayer, sacrifices, and the sacraments. 

What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light; what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops,” (Mt 10:27).

Our Clients

Knights of the Holy Eucharist
St. Catharines Diocese -- Niagara
Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration (Alabama)
The Caring Foundation (Vitae Society)

Oregon Right To Life Educational Foundation
StandUPGirl Foundation
Envoy Magazine - Patrick Madrid
The Centre for Cultural Renewal
Mother of All Peoples - Dr. Mark  Miravalle
Michael O'Brien
Diocese of Hamilton
Diocese of Pembroke
Archdiocese of Toronto
Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Canada
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy
Wayside Academy
World Youth Day 2002
Adventus Software
Lifesite News
Catholic Insight Magazine
Catholic Educator's Resource Centre
Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate